Buying Your Home

While looking for a new home is an exciting and wonderful experience, it can also be overwhelming at times. Let us help you keep this complex process under control through every step.

Buyer Representation

Included in this section some information about the home buying process and Buyer Representation which we think you will find helpful.

Because we have specialized in Buyer Representation since 1994, we are able to represent Buyers and their best interests with a high level of competence and experience. As Buyers Agents, we are able to assist Buyers by providing important information such as “how do you decide what to offer?” or “what type of terms would be most advantageous to buyers?” This differs from the traditional Realtor/Buyer relationship in which the Realtor actually represents the seller – even though the Realtor may be working closely with the Buyer. Which would you prefer?

CLICK on the links below to view some helpful documents we created for you.

Each provides useful information and are a great place to start if you’re considering buying a home.

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